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Computer Guru


Highly Intelligent Consultant


Can be patient and understanding

of all other “highly Intelligent”

Guru “want-a-bees”

inside and around the Capital or LOB.


His Uncomplicated Teaching Method

can benefit your office staff

One on One - One on Two

One on three - One on Four



He can do it all…

Network all your computers…

enable anyone (or everyone) to work from home!


Power Point, Excel, Outlook Express,

Network Security and all those other

difficult sounding – but easy to learn programs -  

that can make any Guru’s life easier

and uncomplicated inside or outside of the Capital or LOB.


One (1) hour, two (2) hours or eight (8) hours…
By the week…or by the month…


This Computer Consultant

CAN turn you into a “Computer Guru” sooner than you think!


Call James Lascaris at 489-5695 to schedule appointment.